Party Can defies the norms of traditional RTD (Ready To Drink) cocktails. It stands out for being designed specifically for cocktail enthusiasts who value both convenience and unparalleled taste. With its premium quality and multi award-winning status, Party Can is the ultimate choice for those seeking a high-end, hassle-free drinking experience. 


Many bars are known for "batching" their most sought-after drinks – meaning they create many drinks for 30-40 people. This process frequently sacrifices the quality of each cocktail by prioritizing quantity instead. We sought to change and disrupt that cycle. Working with the acclaimed bartender, Scott Baird, known for Trick Dog in San Francisco, Party Can was born.


Each Party Can expression starts with premium liquor – from Libélula tequila in our Margarita to 2-year-old Kentucky Bourbon in our Old Fashioned and 100% Corn vodka in our Cosmicpolitan. We then use real juice and natural ingredients, just like you would see in the bar, to finish each expression. We are not trying to hide anything or overcompensate; instead, we focus on making a higher-quality, bigger-batched cocktail that can go wherever you go. Not to mention – we packaged them in the largest damn cans you can find. You're welcome...



1. We use premium liquor, real juice, and all-natural ingredients.

2. Each Party Can pours 12 craft cocktails.


2(B) Party Can goes where you go! It's in a can, not a glass bottle. Take it EVERYWHERE: on the boat, to the beach or pool, on the lake or down the river, camping, hiking, or to the big game.


3. It's a proper cocktail with no carbonation. If you don't finish it all, put the cap back on and stick it in the fridge, it's good for over a month.


3.5 Party Can isn't a one-trick pony – for the more adventurous: make it a slushy, adult Italian ice, an old-fashioned hot toddy, or add a fruited liquor floater.

4. Each can is a "built-in life preserver." The can actually floats after you take the first sip!

5. We may be biased, but they are delicious!